Online Complaint Form

Welcome to the Department of Business Oversight (DBO) online complaint form. Please provide the information requested in the following four (4) steps. Once you submit your information, you will be directed to a receipt page where you can review and print the information you submitted.

If you believe a licensee of DBO (previously the Department of Financial Institutions or Department of Corporations) has acted improperly or a company or person is conducting unlicensed activity that is within the Department’s jurisdiction, please submit a complaint form.

The DBO Consumer Services Office facilitates communication between consumers and financial institutions, however please note that the Department cannot act as an advocate for either party. To identify situations in which DBO is not authorized to provide your requested assistance, you may wish to review Information on DBO's Legal Authority (a new browser window will open).

NOTE: The complaint message field has a maximum of 1800 characters and there is a maximum of "60 minutes" allotted to complete and submit the on-line complaint form. Please note all work will be lost if the completed form is not submitted within the established time limit.

If you are filing a complaint:

A list of the industries regulated by DBO is available here: DBO Licensees

If your complaint involves more than one financial institution or company, you will need to submit a separate complaint form for each institution or company involved.

Please be advised that the issues described in your complaint may be shared with the financial institution/company for their response.

Click here to review an important notification regarding the Department of Business Oversight’s use of your personal information. We are required to provide you with this notification pursuant to the Information Practices Act of 1977 (Civil Code § 1798).

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